Midi Ring | Wire Wrapped | 6/8mm Bead

Midi Ring | Wire Wrapped | 6/8mm Bead


Wire wrapped midi ring using 6/8mm beads.

Indicate what wire you’d like during CHECKOUT ; choices are Silver, Gold or Copper.

Keep reading below to find out more about the healing crystals used.

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Rose Quartz- The stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz is connected to our Heart Chakra. It helps us by elevating our higher consciousness. This stone helps to remind us that we are deserving and worthy of love. It helps us to receive and give love with ease and clarity. Because of its connection to the Heart Chakra, Rose Quartz helps us experience love in both the physical and spiritual realm. We are able to see and understand situations from a different perspective, communicate, show compassion and forgive when needed. Additionally, Rose Quartz properties provide gentle energy that assists us in recognizing our own need for compassion. It allows us to see that we deserve forgiveness and understanding from ourselves and helps us sort out our emotions while ridding us of negative thought processes related to love. This stone is also linked to the heart of the earth and the universe. In essence, Rose quartz healing properties helps to deepen our connection with ourselves and loved ones.

Amethyst- Amethyst is used in various cultures and is typically associated with royalty. It is commonly referred to as the Artists Stone because it amplifies and focuses on the creative elements of the universe. Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone that is used to promote tranquility, inner peace and balance. It is associated with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras (and if you acknowledge all 12 Chakras it is associated with the Etheric Chakra as well). It is said that Amethyst, helps us see and accept things as they are and allows us to manifest our true selves rather than conform to the beliefs and thoughts of others. Amethyst is also used to help its owner work through difficult decisions, thus making it known as the “great problem solver” of the crystal world.

Howlite- Howlite is a stone of awareness. This stone gives it’s owner the gift of wisdom and enlightenment. As it helps with awareness of self and those around us, it also helps to connect its owner to higher realms and aids in removing the veils that are blocking the truths in your life. It is also a stone that brings calmness into the lives of its owner. Howlite is a great tool to have during meditation because it can help its owner focus their mind. It can promote serenity of mind and remove any kind of distracting thought.

Sodalite- Connected to the Throat Chakra (primary) and Third Eye Chakra (secondary), Sodalite helps to open us up to spiritual perception. It offers us the gift of creative expression and expanded spiritual awareness by stimulating the throat chakra, the energy center of communication and a translator for the soul. In addition, Sodalite helps to release tension and fears and helps with emotional healing. Because of its aid in spiritual expansion, Sodalite also helps to transform negative feelings into harmonious and balancing vibes –  thus leading us towards enlightment.

Carnelian- Carnelian is connected to the Sacral Chakra which is all about tapping into your sensuality and creativity. Carnelian helps us tap into our self-confidence and courage so that we are able to express our desires with ease. Its vibrant and high energy also works wonders with Rose Quartz when placed over the Heart Chakra as it calls in the energy of extreme passion. On the other side of things, Carnelian fiery energy also helps us get motivated, get inspired and get going!

Labradorite- The blue and green hues of Labradorite are connected to the Third Eye and Throat Chakras. Labradorite awakens us to this deep inner consciousness. It reminds us that through adventure and creativity we can tap into our higher selves. It enhances our intuitive abilities of clairvoyance and aids in communication with spirit, the universe and our higher selves.