Higher Vibe Earrings

Higher Vibe Earrings


This signature DeLaJipi piece was made using raw brass components, gold plated hooks and features an aum symbol and eye pendant.

Affirmation: I will always choose to vibrate at a higher frequency.

Keep reading to find out more about the pendants used to create this gem.

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Aum/Om is a phrase that is chanted on it’s own or before/after a mantra. An extremely important phrase in Hindu and/or Buddhist practices the Aum/Om symbolizes and embodies the universe in it’s entirety. Aum is the vibrational sound of the Crown Chakra.

The eye charm was chosen as a symbolization of the third eye. The goal of this piece was to embody ascension. The Third Eye chakra is situated between the eyebrows and represents wisdom, inner vision and clairvoyance. The Crown represents connection to Spirit, Universe and all things.