Honovi Earrings ~ Rose Quartz

Honovi Earrings ~ Rose Quartz


This signature DeLaJipi piece was made using raw brass components, gold filled hooks and wrapped dropped pendants.

Rose Quartz Affirmation: I am deserving and worthy of love. My connection to my physical and spiritual body comes with ease.

Keep reading to find out more about healing crystal Rose Quartz.

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The stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz is connected to our Heart Chakra.
It helps us by elevating our higher consciousness. This stone helps to remind us that we are deserving and worthy of love. It helps us to receive and give love with ease and clarity. Because of its connection to the Heart Chakra, Rose Quartz helps us experience love in both the physical and spiritual realm. We are able to see and understand situations from a different perspective, communicate, show compassion and forgive when needed.

Additionally, Rose Quartz properties provide gentle energy that assists us in recognizing our own need for compassion. It allows us to see that we deserve forgiveness and understanding from ourselves and helps us sort out our emotions while ridding us of negative thought processes related to love. This stone is also linked to the heart of the earth and the universe. 

In essence, Rose quartz healing properties helps to deepen our connection with ourselves and loved ones.