Blue Tigers Eye/Iron Pyrite Bracelet

Blue Tigers Eye/Iron Pyrite Bracelet


Size - Medium

Made with healing stones ~ tiger’s eye and iron pyrite. Accented with a 14k gold filled feather charm.

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Connected to the Solar Plexus and Root chakras, Iron Pyrite (often called Fools Gold) is great for manifesting our strongest desires. This stone is great for helping to boost our self worth. It also helps us to take action when and where needed while keeping us grounded and level headed.

Falcon’s Eye/Hawk’s Eye (commonly called Blue Tigers Eye) is a great stone for the Throat and Third Eye Chakras. This stone helps to reduce stress, ease anxiety and provide tranquility. It’s connection to the Throat Chakra, helps us to communicate with clarity and speak with ease. Its connection to the Third Eye Chakra helps provide us with insight and clairvoyance. Blue Tigers Eye is useful for balancing “opposing” energies.

The feather is symbolic of freedom, transcendence and spiritual evolution to a higher realm. In a variety of cultures, religions etc. the feather symbolizes celestial wisdom (Native American), sky gods (Egypt) and more.