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De La Jipi

created by Sky Britnei

made with art, healing and holistic wellness in mind


About Us

Created with art, healing and holistic wellness in mind the De La Jipi Collection was founded by Sky Britnei in the summer of 2015. It started as a business dedicated to hand crafted jewelry that was inspired by the freeing bohemian culture + lifestyle. The jewelry line incorporates healing crystals and is uniquely made so no two people have the same product. In 2016, the body butter line was added. Our body butter line promotes clean/holistic beauty. Hand whipped in small batches, the body butters are all natural and include apricot oil, kokum butter, illipe nut butter (and others) and features essential oils.


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“We believe that everything we create is art and through expression of it we can help heal ourselves and others.”

— Sky Britnei, founder of De La Jipi

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Sky Britnei, Founder

Sky Britnei is a 25 year old, Brooklyn native with an old soul and a passion for all things surrounding mental and holistic wellness, art, culture, peace, freedom and love. She graduated with her BA in Psychology in 2015. While on her journey to her degree she also embarked on her spiritual journey. Through both, she realized that art was a passion of hers as well. She decided that her mission would be to find a way to bridge the gap between the two.

Healing and Art.

On the road to bridging the gap, she stumbled upon holistic health. Being a self proclaimed ‘hippie’ this revelation fit perfectly into her journey. She first started by learning about crystals and the meanings of each; from yoga/meditation practices to clean beauty, clean eating etc.

Sky realized that creating was her form of art and healing. Thus came the De La Jipi collection.